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Welcomes to our fleet a new Dedicated and Specialised


With the ever growing need to move bariatric patients, we have been  preparing the new addition to our ambulance fleet.

Our Bariatric Care Ambulance is equipped to specialist standards, with a purpose built Megasus Stretcher, with a weight bearing load of 500lbs  and the new Ferno Compact 4 Trak Chair, enabling us to ensure our patients can be moved downstairs, safely and with dignity.

In-Pulse Medical Services never discriminates amongst our patients. We believe ALL patients have the right to attend hospital appointments, Clinics and Dental services and family events.

Our Custom Built Tail Lift can accommodate up to 70 stones.

This unique ambulance is fully fitted with Oxygen, Entonox, Suction Unit and Blue Lights/Sirens.

The stretcher can be safely  secured into the ambulance in minutes ensuring a safe onward journey; also with this unique  facility we can secure the stretcher centrally in the ambulance allowing 360° access to the patient.

With fully tinted windows and additional window blinds, patient's dignity is always paramount on our agenda.

Along with dedicated and professional patient care, from start to finish we aim to make every journey a dignified, effortless and comfortable experience.